About our Pedals

At this time, we offer three legendary vintage Fuzz effects: Absolute Vintage Fuzz, Tonebender MKI and Tonebender MKII. Our pedals are based in the original circuits, and are hand made build using original vintage hi-end audio electronics and premium selected germanium transistors. They give such a rich, crunchy and organic fuzz tone distortion and unbelievable finger pick dynamics, that you just will love it. Modern pedals are incapable to give such awesome tone with silicon transistors.

There are several steps in the building of our pedals, and each one of them, requires dedication, time and commitment to excellence. If you want to know more about why our pedals are so unique please visit How we make our pedals.

The vintage new old stock (NOS) electronics that we use on our pedals, are very hard to find. They are not manufactured since 20, 30 and even 40 years ago. The stock in the world its disappearing day by day and inevitably, will be dry. So we make our best efforts to search and hunt this precious pieces of history and make it shine in outstanding sound stompbox fuzz. If you want to know more please visit The source for our vintage electronics.

So…we invite you to taste our sound, feeling, and our commitment with quality, excellence, and love for do the things right.

The amount of original NOS vintage pieces that we use in our pedals is very limited. If you are interested in getting one of our pedals, or receiving more information, please first contact us at c.andaur@vtr.net

lordperrunoAbout our Pedals

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